Jeanette Grant

Jeanette did an outstanding job representing us on our recent purchase of an investment property. In an over-heated seller's market we looked at many properties before finding the perfect opportunity. We never felt pressured by Jeanette and we always knew that she had our best interest at heart. Jeanette is very aware of movement in the real-estate market and as soon as the market shifted more favourably for buyers, she encouraged us to start looking more intensively again. With her guidance, we strategically bid on a house, beating out several other interested buyers without having to pay more than the house was worth. She has a great ability to read people and was able to use this to our advantage in making an offer. She is respectful, personable and an excellent strategist. She's very creative and the marketing she does for her properties is better than most other agents we see on the market today. We would most definitely work with her again and would highly recommend her to our friends and family.

- M&P

What really sets Jeanette apart is her uncanny ability to understand her clients' requirements. As first time home buyers, we were not 100% sure what we were looking for and it was Jeanette who helped us connect the dots. We were impressed by her knowledge of different neighborhoods and the real-estate market. She even seized an opportunity for us on a property that was not even listed yet!! Once we decided this was THE house, Jeanette strategically positioned our offer for success and didn't leave any stone unturned. Using her professional savvy along with great communication skills with the other agent, she made sure we got it - and at a fantastic price too.

Jeanette was fully vested in the entire process and we could feel that she really wanted to take care of us. She is very professional but has a unique personal touch that strikes a chord with both buyers and sellers. We would highly recommend Jeanette. A big Thank you. We could not have done this without you!

- Jyoti & Kasturi

As a preview to something we intend to say more formally before we move away… are a savvy and gifted strategist. You called the moves before most people were even aware of the changes in the tone of the market...and we absolutely appreciate your guidance throughout the sale of our house. We couldn’t have done it without you!

- S

Hi Jeanette,

Please accept this as our personal recommendation from both my wife and I for your real estate services. You gave us invaluable advice about timing, staging, and pricing, related to the successful sale of our property at 17 Bralorne Crescent. We believe you were a large factor in helping us achieve what was an extremely positive outcome for the sale of our home. It goes beyond the everyday sales pitch one sees with real estate agents. You know and love...and live in this community. You pitched in with on the ground assistance when required, not deferring to office assistants as practised by others in your sales industry. You gave generously and offered support all the way through the sales cycle. In my experience of having lived in two provinces and having owned 9 homes over 40 years, you have provided the best advice and council I have ever experienced. Without reserve I would recommend you to anyone selling their homes. I wish you all the best for a successful and bountiful career and I am sure you will succeed. I would be more than happy to speak directly with anyone considering having you represent them.

All the best,

- Ed McGoldrick and Angela Wrobel

Once we decided to buy a house, we called Jeanette, and in less than 10 days, we got ourselves a house! She knew what was best for us at this point, and advocated for it nicely.

Jeanette really stood by our side and protected us. Just one day before the closing, we went to see the house again, and found that there a water leak in the basement. Instead of pushing us to close the house first and fix it ourselves later, she made sure the other agent took care of it, and made sure everything was ok with the water issue, before she "allowed" us to close.

She showed this type of protection through out the entire process from beginning to the end! We were impressed! We sent her this little note right after we closed:

Hi Jeanette,

I just got the keys!!

You are a great agent! Thank you for everything!! You truly did protect us :)

- Ngoc and My Le

Words cannot do you justice Jeanette, but here’s my attempt, however brief:

Jeanette was absolutely brilliant. Not only did she find me my perfect house (it wasn't even listed for sale - she found it exclusively) - she staged (beautifully) then sold my Condo for well above asking price in record time. We actually had a Bully Offer on the first day, but she advised me that it was in my interest to wait until the offer date - so that she could market my home to more buyers - and she was right! We had 5 offers and it sold for more than if I would have taken that initial offer.

I couldn't believe the results. I had been dreading the whole selling process, but she eased my fears, and made it all so easy for me. I was stunned by how seamless the buying and selling process was with her managing all aspects of both transactions for me.

She was wonderful to work with and the end results exceeded all of my expectations. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone who is considering buying or selling a house or a condo. Thanks Jeanette!

- Anne Laughlin

Jeanette was a fantastic realtor. She discouraged me from selling when it was not the right time, waited 1 year, then helped me fluff, furnish, and decide what to renovate 1 year later. We then sold the place in basically 3 days. Amazing. She spent so much time on my house it was incredible and we get asking right off the bat. Thank you so much.

- Christopher Lortie

We met Jeanette at an open house while casually looking for our first house. She was very personable, cheery and knowledgeable. We liked her immediately.

We came across an interesting listing, and asked Jeanette about it. We were a little hesitant at first because it was outside the area we had been targeting. With Jeanette at our side, we fell in love with the house and property at first sight! Jeanette worked very hard with us during the buying and selling process.

As for the sale, Jeanette staged our condo beautifully (didn't even look like the same place!) and it sold on the very first day on the market for more than asking! We were totally blown away by all the work Jeanette did to get the condo ready for showing - she even brought flowers and props!

We couldn't have had a better buying/selling experience. Jeanette took the time to get to know us and our needs. We plan on staying in our new home for a long time, so we likely won't need to call on her any time soon, but we would recommend Jeanette to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, hard working and caring realtor.

Thanks so much, Jeanette - we couldn't have done this without you!

- Rika and Sean Tokue

We looked casually for a number of years before finding our perfect place. Jeanette was always available and very patient with us. When it came time to buy and sell Jeanette did an absolutely great job of representing us at the table and getting great deals on both ends of the negotiations. In presenting our house for sale Jeanette really got the word out about our house and the results showed in the number of people that came through as well as the price we were able to get (9 offers and sold over list in a week!!).

We will most definitely have Jeanette represent us the next time.

- Mat and Laura Lewandowski

Before I got serious about buying my first home, I casually checked the MLS for places. I inquired about a place that Jeanette had listed for sale. Even though that place had already sold, fate brought Jeanette into my life! She was very likable right from the start. She's very knowledgeable, on the ball and personable. She has a great sense of what her clients want and need. Right away, I felt like she knew exactly what I was looking for.

Thanks to Jeanette, I have now purchased my first home! She promised that she would not let me settle on just any place, and because of her, I am now a new home owner of the place of my dreams! She's been there every step of the way, going out of her way to make sure I am well looked after and am aware of every last detail. She always looks out for her clients and wants the best for them!

Thanks Jeanette!!! You are awesome :)

- Chantal L

Regarding the Sale of "The Manse" on Baby Point Rd:

Dear Jeanette

Well done!!! I would suggest having the sold sign up during the sale May 2 (at the Humbecrest United Church) we have tremendous traffic in the area then.

I would highly recommend that anyone contemplating selling in this area should interview you.

You could use me as a reference anytime and I hope this opens up new business for you.

I loved your energy enthusiasm professional manner knowledge and sense of humour.

All the best,

- Beverley

(on behalf of the Trustees of the United Church in regard to the Sale of the Baby Point Manse)

In Regard to Your Sale of the Baby Point Manse:

Thanks Jeanette! That was a great marketing job and terrific offer you brought to the table.

All the best,

- David 

Chair of the Trustees: Humbercrest United Church

Buying my very first place was made incredibly easy thanks to Jeanette Grant. Not only did she spend a year tirelessly helping me find the perfect place, she also did things above and beyond the call of duty even after the purchase of my place. I wouldn't hesitate to give Jeanette a call when I am looking for future places. She has gained a client for life.

- Asia Vieira

Buying and selling our house was a very personal experience, we wanted someone to really take the time and understand what our needs were..

Jeanette was amazing, her knowledge of the market and her dedication sold our house in two days and helped us find a real treasure.

thanks Jeanette: Jayden loves her outdoor doll house, Juno loves the backyard, the side porch is to die for and Mamma loves her new kitchen!!

It was a real pleasure working with you.

- Theresa and Frank Giraldi

We were very lucky to meet Jeanette right at the beginning of our house search. Instantly we felt that Jeanette was interested in understanding the needs of our family and gave us honest and fair advice at all times. We trusted her implicitly and she always went that extra mile to help us find our dream home. Jeanette's professionalism, knowledge of the market, coupled with her sincerity gave us the confidence and support to find our first home in Canada. We can't thank her enough (and the kids now have the best 'pleasure dome' they could wish for!) - Sarah and David

- Sarah and David 

We were ‘first time home buyers’ and thanks to Jeanette we found our ideal home within just 3 weeks of looking, without over extending our budget. Jeanette was an amazing person to work with, she was very approachable and warm, and extended herself beyond the call of duty to help us get a shot at any house that might pop up in the market. There was no time wasting with Jeanette, and she even came over to our place at 10:30 on a Friday night to do the paper work, so we could get our bid in first thing in the morning for the house we really wanted (in the middle of a huge snow storm I might add). We got it!!

Jeanette was great to work with, and never tried to encourage us to go over budget, she was very respectful of our needs and limitations, and I’d be forever grateful that she found our first house for us.

- Danielle & Rory McDougall


We've been meaning to write you a little note for quite a while and thank you for all you have done for us.

We appreciated all of your guidance and outstanding support in the purchase of our new home. You take good care of your clients and you treat them with kindness and respect. In a market that is very competitive and fast moving you found us the perfect property for our growing family in less than a week.

It was a pleasure working with you!

- Emanuela and Diego

When we decided it was time to downsize we took an agent from another agency. We asked for advise as to how we should proceed. The agent was not very forthcoming with ideas and we were very disappointed with the outcome.

We then asked Jeanette to look into our home and help us out. Well!!, I must say we were absolutely amazed at the ideas and the suggestions she had for our home. We did as she suggested and the house went in 7 days.

Jeanette had a wonderful, calm approach to our desire to sell our home but she also respected and understood our anxiety about selling it after living in it for 30 years.

She had a wonderful sense of decor and she had suggested so many ideas on how to improve the home before it went on the market and she EVEN VOLUNTEERED TO HELP OUT. You do not find a person like her.

We had another home that we wanted to sell and she went out of her way to find us a buyer and we sold that home too.

If and when we decide to sell our new home she will definitely be called upon again.

Thank you so much Jeanette.

- Bernice and Joe Koziol

We were first-time home buyers, and when we found our dream house in the film district, we learned that we weren't the only ones ready to make an offer on it. Jeanette wasted no time in enthusiastically winning over the seller, and I'm convinced that if it weren't for her warm, fun personality and her great negotiating skills, we never would have ended up with this house that we love. Jeanette helped make our home buying experience a really positive one, and if we had to do it all over again, the first step we would take would be to give Jeanette a call.

- Ginette and Jonathan