Jeanette Grant

As the gentrification continues across the city, younge families have been buying in the  Dovercourt-Wallace-Emerson-Junction area driving up prices in this up and coming area. The Dovercourt-Wallace-Emerson-Junction is actually made up of a collection of smaller neighbourhoods that includes Bloorcourt, Dovercourt, Bloordale, Wallace and Emerson.

Dovercourt-Wallace-Emerson-Junction shares a number of similarities with Queen West with numerous art galleries, bars, vintage stores and indie coffee shops on Lansdowne and Dufferin. Many of the homes along the northwest corner were built to house workers in the factories that once lined the railway.

The neighbourhood is still a work in progress and while there remains some dodgy areas along the western border, much of the old industrial lands have been turned into condos and house prices in the east have risen along with the rest of the cities up-and-coming neighbourhoods.