Jeanette Grant

The area known as High Park - Swansea is made up of two distinct neighbourhoods of High Park and Swansea and most resident would claim to live in one or the other. Yet, both neighbourhoods are similar in population mix and housing mix.

Both  High Park and Swansea share a similar hilly terrain, winding roads and many mature trees among many residential streets.Similar to High Park in that it has many natural elements, Swansea is also the only Toronto neighbourhood to have a lake, a river, and a pond as it's natural boundaries. 

High Park - Swansea have a similar housing makeup with a large percentage of single family homes. Both offer a large number of rental properties and High Park There are also a large number of rental properties and  condominium buildings along Quebec Avenue, north of Bloor Street.

Launched in 1998, the Jamie Bell Adventure Playground (located at 1873 Bloor St. W. in High Park) is a family meeting place that was inspired and built by the imagination and creativity of the local community and its children. A fire at the playground on March 17 destroyed a large portion of the popular structure. This beloved neighbourhood landmark was rebuilt in 2012.

Swansea is bounded on the west by the Humber River, on the north by Bloor Street, on the east by High Park and on the south by Lake Ontario. The High Park section  bounded on the south by Bloor Street, on the west by Runnymede Road, on the north by Annette Street, Quebec Avenue and Humberside Avenue, and on the east by the CNR/CPR railway tracks.