Jeanette Grant

The Kingsview Village - The Westway has a very diverse mix of real estate offering both single family homes and high rises. This is a diverse neighbourhood in all aspects including a diverse multicultural community with a strong and active ratepayers association.

As with many other neighbourhoods in Toronto, single family homes built in the 1960s are being demolished, their generous sized lots subdivided to allow up to three homes on a parcel of land where one initially stood. While smaller homes have been demolished and replaced with a much larger homer.

One can find a wide variety of home styles including contemporary style bungalows, split-level houses, storey-and-a-half homes, and newer two-storey homes. Again, all these house are located on suburband size lots and typically include a garage or car-port. As whole The Kingsview Village - The Westway is a diverse, welcoming well maintained neighbourhood.

These is also a residential pocket of homes east of Islington Avenue in the Fairhaven Drive-Golfwood Heights which was formerly part of the Weston Golf and Country Club Grounds. The gold club sold the land to deverlopers in the 50's and 60's at which time most of the development was created.  One can also find Colonial Revisal style homes in this part of the neighbourhood as well as some bungalows and modern two storey homes located on larger lots than would otherwise be found in new developments.

The Kingsview Village- The Westway also has a number of  high-rise apartment buildings and townhouses on Dixon Road and Islington Avenue.

The Kingsview Village - The Westway It is located in the north end of the former city of Etobicoke, and is bounded on the north by Highway 401, on the east by the Humber River and St. Phillips Road, on the south by Dixon Road.