Jeanette Grant

Lambton Baby Point , situated on a peninsula overlooking the Humber River, is one of is one Toronto's most beautiful and pristine neighbourhoods. Marking the entrance to the neighbourhood are the stone gates at the corner of Jane Street and Baby Point Road.  

The neighbourhood enjoys one of the most beautiful settings and likely unique for any major urban center, Salmon fishing. During the fall, anglers head to to Etienne Brule Park just below the historic Old Mill Inn and Spa to catch the Salmon swimming upstream to spawning grounds.

The area is effectively two neighbourhoods, Lambton and Baby Point. Both areas offer a mix of expensive and more affordable homes. The area is well serviced by public transportation and risidents are a short walk to nearby shops on Annette and Jane Streets. These two shopping districts offer an eclectic mix of stores including European food shops, antique stores, a discount store, a grocer, variety stores and restaurants.

It is bounded on the west by the Humber River from south of Baby Point Crescent to St. Marks Road, east to Jane Street and Jane Street south to Raymond Avenue and Raymond Avenue west to the Humber. 

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