Jeanette Grant

The districting of Runnymede Bloor West Village is purely for municipal reasons, as the neighbourhood share a similar hilly terrain, winding roads and many mature trees among many residential streets. Similar to High Park in that it has many natural elements, easy access to public transit, walking distance to many shops and easy access to park and other recreational activities.

The great majority of the homes were built between the 1880s and 1920s, with many large grand homes, some divided into multiple units, and some built specifically as duplexes. There is a good selection of smaller detached homes adjacent to the subway line, but prices has steadily increased over the last few years.

As with other Toronto neighbourhoods, what remans of affordable entry price homes in this very family friendly neighbourhood are moving fast. The neighbourhood indicators on the right gives an indication of the price ranges to get in the neighbourhood based on current active listings and sold listings over the last 30 days giving a good indication of the market activity for this neighbourhood.

Runnymede Bloor West Village's boundries are Bloor Street on the south, Jane Street on the west, Dundas Street West and the CP railroad on the north and Runnymede Road on the east.