Jeanette Grant

Today, the term "The Junction" is generally applied to the area north of Annette, south of St. Clair, and between Runnymede Road and the Canadian National Railway corridor to the east which intersects with the CP Railway corridor at West Toronto Diamond. While the historical boundary lines cover a much large area, the Junction as it known today covers much less area retaining a small town charm to the area. 

Unless like many Toronto neighbourhoods, the gentrification of this neighbourhood is not as widespread. This is in part due to the railway tracks that skirt the neighbourhood has had a sheltering affect on The Junction making it a little off the beaten path. 

The area  remains very affordable as compared to similar neighbourhoods in Toronto with easy access to public transit and relatively short commute to the downtown core. You will find many types from artists to young professional that inhabit the neighbourhood with a strong sense of pride and history for this neighbourhood.

Architecturally, The Junction offers some great architecture with winding tree-lined streets north of Annette Street, great big Victorians on good size lots.   Closer to Dundas, you will find similar Victorian style homes much smaller in size. The lots at the north-end of the neighbourhood are also narrower. You can find a good number of large houses, particularly on main streets which have apartments.

The Junction remains one of the more affordable up and coming neighbouhoods of the city, and you should refer to the neighbourhood indicators on the right as an indication of the price ranges the neighbourhood fetches, based on current active listings and sold listings over the last 30 days.